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New Pitariwan tablet

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New Pitariwan tablet

 New Pitariwan tablet is an antipyretic analgesic that gives quick relief for a variety of pains and is a blend of Acetaminophen and Ethenzamide that gives relief from fever, headaches and joint pain, Allylisopropylacetylurea that increases the effectiveness and Anhydrous caffeine which gives relief from headache.


Composition and Quantity [Ingredients / Contents]
Daily dose (6 tablets)
(1 tablet: 400mg)
Acetaminophen: 900mg
Ethenzamide: 800mg
Allylisopropylacetylurea: 150mg
Anhydrous caffeine: 180mg
Additives: Crystalline cellulose, Light anhydrous silicic acid, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium and Magnesium stearate
Efficacy and Effectiveness [Indication]
(1) Analgesia for headache, toothache, tooth extraction pain, sore throat, ear pain, joint pain, neuralgia, lower back pain, muscle pain, shoulder stiffness, contusion pain, fracture pain, sprain pain, menstrual pain (menstrual cramps) and trauma pain
(2) Antipyretic for shivering and fever
Dosage and Administration
15 years or older: 2 tablets at one time
7 years or older and below 15 years: 1 tablet at a time
Take with water or hot water limited to thrice a day and avoid taking on an empty stomach.
Take the tablets at intervals of 4 hours or more.
Packaging and price (excluding tax)
12 tablets (for 6 times) 500 yen

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