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"Lower back pain", "Shoulder and neck stiffness", "Limb numbness" and "Eyestrain" etc. occur from muscle fatigue and peripheral neuropathy due to poor circulation.
"Mekopuromin" is a blend of "active form of Vitamin B12 (mecobalamin)" which restores the peripheral nerve, "folic acid" which helps in the functioning of mecobalamin, "Vitamin B6" which helps in the improvement of neurological functions, "Vitamin B1 derivative fursultiamine hydrochloride" which helps muscle fatigue, "Vitamin E" which promotes blood circulation and is effective for pain, numbness and eyestrain associated with peripheral nerve damage.


Composition and Quantity [Ingredients / Contents]
Daily dose (3 tablets)
(1 tablet: 420mg)
Mecobalamin (Active form of Vitamin B2): 1,500μg
Folic acid: 5mg
Acetic Acid d-a-Tocopherol (Natural vitamin E): 100mg
Fursultiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1 derivative): 109.16mg [100mg as Fursultiamine]
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6): 100mg
Casein Sodium, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Lactose hydrate, Gelatin, Macrogol, Talc, Calcium carbonate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Carmellose Sodium, Carmellose Calcium, Light anhydrous silicic acid, Calcium silicate, Magnesium Aluminometa Silicate, Magnesium stearate, Hypromellose, Gum Arabica, White sugar (Sucrose), Titanium dioxide and Carnauba wax as additives
Efficacy and Effectiveness [Indication]
Mitigation of symptoms: Neuralgia, Myalgia (Muscle pain), Arthralgia (joint pain) [Lower back pain, shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder], numbness of limbs, and asthenopia (eye strain)
"However, if there are no improvements in these symptoms even after taking this tablet for one month, please consult your doctor or pharmacist."
Dosage and Administration
Take the following amount after eating with water or hot water.
Adults (15 years or older): 1 tablet at a time, thrice a day
Below 15 years old: Must not be given
Packaging and price (excluding tax)
90 tablets (for 30 days) 5,800 yen

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