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Overseas operations

Product proposals (pharmaceuticals and foods)

We want to be an effective business partner in every way. We utilize our unique R&D capabilities to develop a large lineup of products that anticipate market needs and contribute to solving our customers' problems.
With our advanced manufacturing technology and quality control system, we engage in various types of OEM manufacturing, including tablets, hard capsules, and granules. We can consistently assist you through the process, including applying to relevant agencies, procuring raw materials, and proposing product designs. We take your ideas and embody them as finished products that can be sent to the market.

Possible dosage forms, packaging materials,
production facilities, and production capacity

The ability to produce a wide variety of products in small quantities is a key feature of our company. Of course, mass production is also available.
By devising the packaging form, it is possible to reduce production costs, delivery time, and delivery costs.
With our extensive facilities and expertise, we will develop proposals that will meet your expectations.

Flow from product proposal to sales

We can assist you with a wide range of services, from proposing products that meet your needs, applying for approval, and providing various forms of packaging to product design and naming.

Customer inquiries

Please feel free to contact us through our website or by phone.

Hearing and submission of quotes

Based on your requests, we will propose products that will meet your needs.
After discussing product specifications, we will submit a quote.

Signing of nondisclosure agreement

We will sign a nondisclosure agreement, GVP agreement, purchase agreement, and so on.

Various applications

We will apply for the product names and approvals and the functional labeling, among other necessary elements.

Production and delivery

We will deliver the products to our clients.

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