A health company that aims to make
our customers smile today and always

To other companies
in the same industry
(outsourced development
and manufacturing)
To distributors
(for OEM and mail order)
Overseas operations




Expert group of development

Members with expertise in formulation design, marketing, quality control, and manufacturing work together to create the products envisioned by our customers and bring them to market.

Quality assurance

Technology and equipment to guarantee high quality

Advanced equipment is implemented to conduct sophisticated analyses. We deliver safety and security through a strict management system that complies with international standards and through people who work with "sincerity."

To customers considering doing business with us

To other companies in the same industry
(contract development and manufacturing)

High-mix, small-lot production is possible. In addition to contract manufacturing, we can assist you from product planning stage.

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To distributors
(for OEM and mail order)

We provide one-stop support from product development to application, manufacturing, and packaging.

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To overseas customers

We quickly deliver Japanese quality that matches your needs.

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Corporate information

Since our establishment in 1917, we have consistently served the health of our customers under our company motto, "Dedication with sincerity."

In response to our customers' desire to "always stay healthy," we strive daily to research and develop products ranging from pharmaceuticals to health foods.

Prescription information

Here are the approved prescriptions of Shiseido Pharmaceutical.

Basic policy of employee education

To enhance the "human ability" (character) of every employee, Shiseido Pharmaceutical strives to create a warm and caring workplace by adopting the study of Moralology, a comprehensive study of human nature.We also promote the development of employees who are useful to the nation and society and an education for employees that integrates moral and economic principles.

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Through our business activities, we contribute to the maintenance and improvement of public health and the preservation of the global environment by working together as a team to actively and continuously engage in environmental activities under the motto of "Sincerity."

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Initiatives of SDGs
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